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Otters, naked rockstackers and other tales of suburbia ...

The otter family -- at least the 4 kids -- swam across the River in front of me. I was caught so unawares I could not get my cell phone camera to work. But I saw four small ones. So cuuuuute. Even their poop is cute.

And then there is the new Rob's Arch ... number 25, I believe.

Remember a while back I mentioned having a party to mark the construction of Rob's Arch #25? Well, that never happened. I was so glad the rain stopped and the River level fell and I could get back to work, I hopped in Friday without fanfare, ha-ha.

I did this thing, also:

on the rock that started it all.

And I made this hairy guy:

on the same day. Rob serves as the photo backdrop on that one. He is multi-talented.

Today I went out to Bent Creek to find one of the herders of the Unphotographable Herd of Arches down, so I began repairing him. It started to rain, so I took off my clothes and put them in a dry place (the little red bucket turned on its side) and stacked naked. It was pouring and unlikely that Girl Scout Troop 456 from Bugfuzz, S.C. was going to hike through. I was nervous though, because were I hiking in the nice peaceful woods and came across the Avant Gardener naked and bent over a stack of rocks, I would toss up my trail mix. And I don't want to do that to anybody.

Anyway, this is the largest thing I have ever stacked naked:

And one of the few. It's not something I do often.

But it was good energy today, and it felt nice to put on semi-dry clothes when the rain stopped, too.

With my clothes on, I drove down to the Roadside Serpent and the rain stopped and it got steamy out:

I wasn't quite ready to leave, so I tossed up a quick Arch-on-Pedestal:

I was trying to think of some cool name I could give it to point out the halo thing, which reminds me of my Swedish friend Åsa, who is actually coming to visit the Avant Garden sometime this year. All the way from Sweden -- that's the longest distance anyone has traveled to see the AG. Maybe she will bring me one of those cuckoo clocks Sweden is famous for (haha- just kidding, Åsa, if you are reading this).

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